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I’m sorry that I’ve been so aloof. Life has become so busy these days that I can barely come up for air! I would like to write more often, and will make a better effort to do so. Hang in there with me. Things are about to get a lot more interesting around here.

In between all of the crazy activities I’ve been involved in, I have been considering what my ideal life would be, and it goes something like this… click here for the full post


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cauliflower puree and the failure of beef

I don’t love beef. It’s not something I keep stocked in the house (my poor husband), and it’s not something I’ll order at a restaurant. I don’t really know how it should taste so you can imagine that I have no clue how to cook it. When it comes to beef, I am completely lost. I know some things, like which steaks tend to be the juiciest, or which cuts need to be cooked low and slow, but there seems to be something I’m missing. 

The other night, I wanted to make Jon something special and when I say ‘special’ I mean beef. Because we eat it so rarely, I see it as a special occasion type food. So in preparation, I asked around the office about what cut I should get and received advice from a trusted and accomplished carnivore who said she had the moistest, most succulent london broil the other day. She gave me detailed instructions on the preparation and cooking method and sent me home with a plan. I stopped at Whole Foods, picked up an inexpensive piece of London Broil and whistled all the way home with expectations of wooing my man. On my way I remembered that we often ate london broil as kids and so I decided to call my mom for some extra advice. She assured me that the trick to a juicy, tender piece of meat was marinating, so we made up a concoction and when I arrived home, I got right to it. Now, trying to be a good wife and knowing my limitations, I asked Jon to do the actual cooking of the beef so at least I couldn’t fail at that! He was more than happy to do so. 

To pair with the beef, I decided I would try a cauliflower puree that I read about the night before in the Martha Stewart Cooking School cookbook. It seemed to be a wonderful alternative to a starchy mound of potatoes. I cut the cauliflower into florets and then simmered them in 1 cup heavy cream (so much for healthy!) and 2 cups fat free milk. I also added a little cumin and kosher salt to the mix to give it a little extra flavor. After about 20 minutes the cauliflower was fork-tender so I poured off most of the liquid, reserving a 1/4 cup and threw it in the blender to liquify. What resulted was a velvety smooth puree that was just as good as any mashed potato I’ve ever had. After tasting it I thought that this could be the best part of the meal, and after tasting the london broil, I was absolutely correct. click here for more cauliflower goodness and beef fail!

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