orange chocolate chunk cookies

orange choco chunk

For the first time since I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, it feels like winter. This morning when our darling child woke us up at 5:30 in the morning it was a crisp 28 degrees outside. That is pretty uncommon for the Silicon Valley where the wardrobe consists of light terry Google hoodies and flip flops year round. The day after Thanksgiving, we went to chop down a Christmas tree up in the nearby mountains and expecting it to be chilly (since it was the last day of November), we bundled up in coats and scarves and went along our merry way. By the time we actually reached the tree farm we had stripped down to our last layer and were happy we had remembered deodorant. I was roasting, and felt like I should be taking a dip in the pool instead of kicking off the Christmas season. Thankfully, this week it really feels like Christmas is only two weeks away (yea, I’m not ready either!), so I’ve joyfully jumped into cookie baking mode, and this time, I won’t be dreaming of having an icy cocktail by the pool!

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Cookies are the perfect gift for someone who isn’t particularly on your Christmas list but you’d still like to let them know you appreciate them. I mean, who doesn’t love an assortment of home baked cookies around the holidays? The best part is they are easy to prep ahead of time, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter like keeping grandma from giving your son a swig of egg nog and your husband from knocking over that freshly poured glass of red wine with his new nerf gun. So, if you make the dough in advance, freeze it in pre-portioned sizes, all that’s left is some oven time and a little sprinkling of salt and voila! you have a fast and thoughtful gift for the carpet guy when he comes to get that red wine stain out of your dining room floor.

orange choco chunk-2

These cookies would be excellent with toasted pecans or walnuts. You could even sub the dark chocolate for good quality white chocolate and add cranberries, that would be delicious. (more…)


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your thanksgiving butternut squash soup

butternut squash soup

People have certain rules about what should be on the Thanksgiving table. I, for one, am pretty loosey goosey about the whole thing. This is not surprising to anyone who knows me well because ‘loosey goosey’ pretty much sums up my approach to the culinary world. I like to adjust as I go, add a pinch of something if it feels right and go with what I have on hand. When I sat down to plan what I would bring to the three dinners we will be attending, I knew I wanted to stray a little from tradition but still stay within the lines of the season. Dressing, green bean casserole and pie all made the cut and will maintain their traditional integrity, but I still felt like we could shake things up just a little tiny bit, but don’t worry, I didn’t nix the mashed potatoes.

I understand that no one really needs to have an appetizer right before they consume a weeks worth of food, and most people think the idea is absurd, but sometimes you want dinner to be a little fancy and I don’t know any better time to be fancy than on Thanksgiving. Break out the cloth napkins, the candlesticks and the good china, even make seating cards if you’d like and enjoy the one meal a year where you can pull out all the stops.

Thankfully, this starter won’t take up much of your time (which I know is utterly precious on the big day), and most of the ingredients are likely in your kitchen anyway, so no large additions to the shopping list either. Make the soup and remove the seeds from the pomegranate the day before and throw them in the fridge. Take a few leaves off of the brussels sprouts you’re probably already making and all thats left to do is just throw it all together. We ate it at room temperature and it was delightful, but you can warm it up in a pot if you can stand one more minute at the stove. (more…)

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vegetable chicken wrap


It becomes difficult to make healthy decisions when you don’t have adequate time to cook. The cheez its in the pantry and the left over mashed potatoes in the fridge are often the only food quick enough to keep you from passing out.

The past few weeks have been a little crazy while preparing for my first job since having our son which was promptly followed by a long weekend trip to Tahoe. I have needed to be quite efficient with my time while juggling an infant and a never ending to-do list, always doing my best to keep my body fueled with real, honest food. So, now that O is napping in his crib, I have been using some of that time to prepare some fast, healthy meals for times when I need to just grab something and I don’t have more than 5-10 minutes to spend in the kitchen.


If you have some time in the evening (or during nap time), prepping the veggies ahead of time would make this wrap a two minute meal. Just warm the tortilla, slice an avocado, sprinkle on some feta, salt and pepper and you’re set. I tossed the julienned vegetables in a bit of spicy pesto, and added some roasted chicken for a square meal.  A variation of this wrap has become a staple for lunch time around here. Usually, it’s filled with whatever protein we have left over from the night before as well as the remaining bits of veggies that didn’t make it into our dinner salad.

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parsley and pecan pesto


Last week I thought I was at the end of my rope. Our little guy just turned four months and had decided that he wouldn’t nap anywhere else but on me or in the car. Being a stay at home mom, I don’t get breaks like normal people do, so the break I get at nap time is highly coveted. That is the time where I get to do normal human things like take a shower, eat a quick meal and maybe squeeze in some dish washing. However, when nap time didn’t happen or it would only happen in my arms, I slowly turned into a zombie and it was all I could do to not guzzle the nearest bottle of wine and call it a night. I told my husband that I was nearing the edge and just one more day of no breaks could shove me right over, so he graciously took the weekend to train our son how to nap in the pack n play. Now, after this glorious Monday filled with three long naps, a fantastic lunch and some time in the pool, I feel like Wonder Woman. In fact, as soon as the babe was down for the night, I danced into the kitchen and I cooked up a very tasty pasta dish using this pesto. This my friends, has been an excellent Monday, one I’d like to repeat many times over. Good thing for wonderful husbands and their freakish ability to power through all the crying.

This pesto is a great way to finish off the herbs in the fridge. I have wasted so much money buying herbs and then leaving most of them to turn into brown sludge in the crisper. It’s the perfect sauce to have on hand since it goes well with just about anything and makes quick work of weekday meals. Spread some on a slice of bread and plop a runny egg on top, toss with some freshly cooked pasta and top with a scoop of lemony ricotta or stir it into a pile of sautéed vegetables. This was my first time making pesto and I’m completely hooked. I just hope you have better luck not eating it straight out of the jar with a large spoon.  (more…)

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bi-rite gazpacho


I’m a worrier, an over thinker, and I find it extremely difficult to say no. Satisfaction is fleeting, only remaining until the next model comes out or a prettier option pops up on Pinterest and if there is a phobia stemming from the fear of being left out, I’m pegged. While these personality traits may have been learned and deeply engrained into who I am, now more than ever, I’m trying to recognize when they inflict and adjust according to what is (I think) a simpler and far more pleasant way to live.

There are a million ways I could spend my free time and Pinterest and Instagram hold a significant corner on that market. For way more time than I am willing to admit, I troll through the newest products, recipes and drool worthy kitchen remodels that adorn the pages of Pinterest while flipping over to see what all my fabulously beautiful and ridiculously interesting ‘friends’ are doing in their perfectly normal lives. As you can imagine, filling my head with this type of stimulation day after day can cause this already anxiety filled girl with a serious case of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’.

Mr. Roosevelt cut to the heart of it by declaring, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This is an incredible truth that speaks to my heart so completely. While I won’t be able to attend every party and I will never have the body of a super model (especially after that child I grew in there!), I can rest in and be thankful for all of the immensely beautiful and tangible blessings in my life now. I have the privilege of talking to my mom every day, waking up to the most precious boy every made and I get to sleep next to my best friend each night, even if he does steal the covers. Although my life doesn’t look like the carefully curated boards on Pinterest or the beautifully filtered feeds on Instagram, it’s okay because no one’s really does. We all have dirty dishes, unkempt hair and bad breath in the morning. Most of us have extra weight we would like to lose (so we only post pictures from the shoulders up) and that kitchen remodel just keeps getting pushed back because it’s more important to take the kids to Disneyland then to have that perfect reclaimed barn wood floor you pinned last year. If you really think about it those moments that can not be pinned or instagrammed are the ones that really matter. If I were ever (God-forbid) to lose my husband, I would hate the fact that the blankets never move at night or that I would have no reason, other than good oral hygiene, to brush my teeth in the morning.

So, in an effort to live life simply, enjoying those moments only shared with those partaking in that joy face to face, I will be content there knowing that even if the grass is brown, it’s that grass that means the most and it has the most power experienced in real life, with the real souls around me. This week, cook with your loved ones, make a delicious soup and enjoy it together in that dingy old kitchen and be satisfied.


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vegetable frittata

vegetable frittata

A friend of mine, shortly after high school, asked me if it ever bothered me that I was fat. The thought had never really occurred to me, I had been overweight nearly my entire life. I like to tease that I simply don’t have a metabolism, but between lifestyle choices and a genetic propensity to pack on and keep the pounds, I found myself nearly 70 pounds overweight by the end of high school, so the question my friend asked was not entirely out of left field. I don’t ever remember actually feeling fat or different than anyone else during my adolescent years. This could of course be selective memory, but I remember feeling well liked by everyone. I had friends in every circle and was never once taunted because of my weight.

veggie frittata-2

Being overweight looks like a physical battle from the outside, but in reality it is an emotional battle most of the time. Every day, my least favorite thing to do is get dressed. I used to work in a hospital, so I would wear scrubs every day. They are baggy and shapeless, which for me, was perfect. It seems counter intuitive to want to wear clothes that make you look bigger but the more I can cover up, the better. Two of my closest friends point out every summer that I have a serious deficit of summer clothes in my closet. That’s because I hate to wear clothes that show my arms or legs. I much prefer the seasons which allow me to bundle up with bulky sweaters, scarves and long pants.

I was married to my best friend in the spring of 2009. A couple years before I met my husband I lost about 40 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers. When we got engaged in December of 2008, I knew I had a very limited time to get to a weight where I was comfortable enough to be photographed. These pictures would be something we would look back on for the rest of our lives and I wanted to really enjoy looking at them.  During our short four month engagement, I went back to Weight Watchers and started biking a lot. I lost another 20 pounds and was 142 pounds on the day of my wedding. Although I don’t think the number is as important as the way I felt, it’s a place I now look back on as a goal for myself. On the day of my wedding, I felt beautiful and I was even showing my arms.

veggie frittata-3

As most women do, I gained weight over the course of our marriage as I became comfortable and happy in my new life. I started to learn to cook and bake and realized I really enjoyed both. I wanted to learn as much as I could, so without regard to the healthfulness of what I was making, I cooked and baked my heart out. (I’m pretty sure I am responsible for several close friends gaining weight during this time as well, so if that’s you, I’m sorry!) All in all I gained back 30 pounds while I ate my way through every good thing. That sure was easy and delicious.

Last summer I found out I was pregnant with our son. I was no where near the weight I hoped I would be when I became pregnant but at that point there wasn’t much I could do. During the course of my pregnancy I gained about 50 pounds and at full term, I weighed more than I have ever weighed in my life. I’m just glad I had a fairly good reason for the weight gain besides far too many croissants.

Currently, I am 40 pounds heavier than my wedding day and I still hate getting dressed in the morning. I wear leggings and nursing tanks most of time and even when it’s warm, I prefer to have on long sleeves. I am learning what it means to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle without compromising my love for food. I refuse to eat ‘diet’ food because who wants to eat poached chicken breasts and steamed vegetables? If I am to live a healthy lifestyle it has to be sustainable. It can not be a crash diet or something I’m going to struggle through until I meet my goal weight. It has to be a lifestyle change, for life. 

I returned to Weight Watchers last week with renewed resolve and already my efforts are paying off. I lost nearly four pounds my first week and I look forward to stepping on the scale next time. My hope is that I will find myself at a point where I can enjoy going into my closet in the morning and that I can again, feel like the best version of myself, inside and out.  (more…)

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going bananas

I still have not returned to the land of the living. It has been 15 weeks today, with at least 12 of those consisting of a very simple routine. Get up for work, go to work, come home from work, put on yoga pants, hit the couch, go to bed, repeat. Last night, I did force myself to cook dinner, particularly because I could not even consider having cereal for dinner even just one more time. I’ve been told that the sicker you are when you’re pregnant, the better. Well, I am certainly glad for that! If this is what I need to get through to have a healthy baby, I am in this 100%. I just hope you’ll bear with me as I share with you the few things I have the energy to make. Let’s just all hope I get my second wind real soon. 

Simple, comforting and quick has become my mantra these days. There have been no marathon cooking events happening in our kitchen, only short and precise dishes that fill our (growing) bellies. This baked banana dish meets all the criteria. Easy, quick, comforting and completely un-fussy, this breakfast treat will satisfy everyone in your family. Pair it with pancakes or waffles or even over ice cream for dessert after a family dinner to add the feeling of fancy.

This post is part of a series cooked from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham. AimeeClaudieEmily and Natasha have posted their picks from the fruit chapter so be sure to pay them a visit.


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egg in toast (as I like to call it)

Egg in toast is what we used to call it when dad would make it for us. Even though it’s made up of very simple and quite common ingredients, putting the egg IN the toast made it spectacular to us. It was a fairly normal occurrence for my dad to make breakfast for dinner. It was certainly quick and cheap and no one ever complained about it, not once. The only item of contention during one of these breakfast for dinner episodes was when he would make this exact dish and we would all want more of the middle pieces that he had fried in salted butter. The crispy, browned circles of bread were the absolute best part. Not only were they absolutely delicious, they were perfect for mopping up the rest of the runny yolk, making sure our plates were spotless by the time we were done.

I have so many fond memories of my Dad’s cooking growing up. He is, in his own right, an excellent cook. His Massey Beans are famous (when the weather turns colder, I’ll be sure to make them for you), and he always had something new up his sleeve. Even without a lot of money, he made sure we had something delicious to eat. As I think back on these times, I’m so looking forward to passing along the same experiences to our future little one. The last three months have been very sparse around here, because well, there is in fact a little one in me, and growing a human has proved to be a lot of work! Food hasn’t been particularly appetizing and anything green has been a bit of a no-no, so around here it’s been a whole lot of toast and milk and crackers. Although, now that I’m on to the second trimester, I’ve heard I’m supposed to start to feel better, so my hope is that you’ll hear from me a lot more often.

If you find yourself in a bind for dinner, or in a place where kale is the enemy, this dish is the ultimate friend. It’s super easy, comforting and tastes as good as anything I can remember. I imagine even guests would like it for brunch or otherwise, served with some salty bacon and a freshly squeezed glass of oj.

This post is part of a series cooked from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham. AimeeSammyClaudieEmily and Natasha have posted their picks from the eggs chapter so be sure to pay them a visit.


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This weekend my sister Laura was here for a visit to take my very first cooking class. It was wonderful to have her here. Since I moved the bay area, I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. On Saturday morning, we rose with the sun and snuggled in the living room, waking up together like we did when we were kids. When I could finally pry myself from the warmth of the blankets on the couch, I made us pancakes.

These are an adaptation of what Marion Cunningham calls ‘heavenly hots’. In their original form they are quite wet, almost feeling under cooked. For me, this is not an enjoyable consistency, so I added a bit more flour to make up a batch of something we both recognized and then topped them with chocolate chips for good measure. The batter is primarily sour cream, which makes them quite a bit more tangy than the average pancake. I liked the change from the old standard.

This post is part of a series of posts cooked from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham. AimeeSammyClaudieEmily and Natasha have posted their picks from the griddling chapter so be sure to pay them a visit.


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buttermilk breakfast doughnuts

I feel really lucky. I have the best friends in the whole wide world. It’s one thing to be friends with me at my best, when I’m putting my best foot forward, but it’s another to be my friend at my worst (and whiney-est). When life’s blessings disguise themselves as difficulties, I’m the first one to complain and only see the circumstances. It’s terrible, really. I have a very difficult time looking beyond the immediate to see how everything might play out and that there might, in fact, be a reason for such circumstances. And so, despite my behavior and utter listlessness, my dear, dear friends bear with me as I work through my near breakdowns and fits of toddler like behavior and convince me to come to their house on a Saturday morning to make doughnuts. They couldn’t possibly know me any better.

I’m sure they were thinking of themselves a little, I mean they did get doughnuts out of the deal (they’re no dummies), but I believe they knew they needed some way to pull me out of the fog and into a sunny kitchen to fry some dough just to subsequently dunk it in liquid sugar. Have I told you they’re the best?

Being my first time making doughnuts, I wasn’t quite sure they would really be the thing I needed, but after breaking into a hot, sugary one, normalcy started to return almost immediately. Although, hours later, I would start to feel the effect of a few too many doughnut holes, but we’ll get to limiting your joy later.

These doughnuts are perfectly wonderful. They’re sweet, slightly spiced and a bit dense, making them feel substantial. They couldn’t be easier to make, which in all honesty makes me pretty nervous. It’s a dangerous thing to know I can just whip up some doughnuts any time I feel like it, especially if I don’t have two dozen friends to share them with.

Remember how I said I have amazing friends? Well, the lovely and very talented Emily Scott documented our process, and the darling Anna was the glaze aficionado. Those two are also solely responsible for twisting my arm to make them.

This post is part of a series of posts cooked from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham. Aimee, Sammy, Claudie, Emily and Natasha have posted their picks from the doughnut and fritters chapter so be sure to pay them a visit. (more…)

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