roasted cauliflower

News flash: roasted cauliflower is amazing! Yes, I’m sure that statement isn’t exactly ground breaking, but here at our house it is. This stuff is good. So good that I could eat buckets of it and not even feel a tid bit of remorse. In fact, I had a difficult time getting any of it into a proper dinner-worthy dish. Go ahead. Try it, and then tell me you had self control. I won’t believe a word of it.



April 26, 2011. quick and easy, spring, vegetarian, Whole Wheat. 3 comments.

farmers market toast

Spring has always been my absolute favorite time of year. It is a beautiful picture of renewal and restoration after a long, cold winter. With new growth, fresh sun-kissed air, and birds singing a sweet song in every tree, I just can’t help but feel the urge to create, to make something lovely, tasty and utterly gorgeous with this gift of new life. The wonderful thing is, everything is already drop-dead-gorgeous all on its own.  click here for the full post..

April 4, 2011. appetizers, bread, quick and easy, spring, vegetarian. 4 comments.