biscuits: the beginning

I think I’m going through a 1/3 of my life crisis. For the past year or so, I’ve been struggling with big questions and largely vague dreams. I have been in a constant state of discontentment, which, if you know me really well, you know that’s not particularly out of the ordinary. However, these particular questions and desires feel different. They have more pull and far greater consequences than my irritating desire to move every six months, or the fact that I can rarely stand to eat the same meal twice. I thrive on change, it energizes me, but something so big as jumping into a new career or even a new phase of life is proving to be less exciting and far more scary than I expected.

Making it all more difficult is my inclination to like most things, leaving me with no real direction. If I do actually want to pursue a new career, I can’t simply choose to do all of the things I enjoy, or could I? Is it even possible to do everything I love and call it a career? Cooking, baking, photography, antique collecting and writing are among the group of the beloved, but how can I do all of those things and do them well? Clearly I need to narrow it down.

These images are the product of me attempting to do just that, to find a direction I enjoy immensely by actually spending time exploring and working. The amazingly warm and kind hearted Van Dao of Biscuit Bender agreed to share his insanely delicious biscuits with me and spent an afternoon allowing me to photograph them in a beautiful cafe in San Francisco. Though I was nervous to do a shoot like this for the first time, it ended up being a beautiful collaboration and resulted in images that I’m incredibly proud of. I feel so fortunate to have friends like Van who are willing to support me in such a tangible way, and who are shaping the very direction of my life.

I would be remiss not to mention another group who has greatly encouraged these dreams, shaping my life dramatically. YOU ALL, the ones who read this small blog, and encourage me to keep at it. I’m so thankful for all of you. I hope you stick around and travel this road alongside me, wherever it might take us.

Be sure to take a good look at these images. I don’t want you to miss how utterly gorgeous these biscuits are. I sampled all of them, and with full conviction I tell you, they’re the best biscuits you can get in this city. Not only are they beautiful (and quite photogenic!), they are made with a watchful eye and a talented hand.

If one day you have a particular hankering for just about the best biscuits you’ll ever have, or maybe you really miss mom’s meatloaf and figure you can’t go wrong having it wrapped in a biscuit (I know, right?), treat yourself to Van’s biscuits. And because he is genius, he also makes homemade bloody mary’s to go with your biscuit wrapped meatloaf. Yep, I know.

You can find biscuits in the completely inspiring Hollow, as well as a delightful chai latte and ridiculously friendly staff.  Mission Cheese also stocks Biscuit Bender biscuits. Can you imagine that cranberry biscuit slathered with some brie, or even some blue cheese? Go get it y’all. And thanks again, for everything.


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a tasty event invitation and a lemon cardamom muffin


I’ll let you in on a little secret. This weekend, there is going to be a bake sale and this is one you won’t want to miss. It’s put on by San Francisco food bloggers. If thats not enticing enough, let me step it up one more notch: all proceeds from this sale will be donated to Share Our Strength, which works to end childhood hunger. Now, come on. You can get behind that, right? So, if on Saturday you wake up with a sweet tooth, and a desire to do the world some good, come on down and say hello. You can click on the image above for more information on time and locations.

Now onto the muffins…


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east bay underground market

Some incredibly flavorful pork from A Humble Plate. Love the food and the name. {}

Saturday was the first ever East Bay Underground Market. The scene was fantastic. It was held food festival style in a large parking lot on the corner of 24th and Broadway in downtown Oakland, and was filled to the brim with incredible vendors. Since the venue was an open parking lot, there was no wait to get in (super bonus) which was amazing because the place was incredibly packed. There were over 40 vendors, all ranging from sweets to burgers to giant pans of paella. There was so much to take in, it could have been quite overwhelming. Thankfully, I have a system, which seems to work quite well.  My strategy is simple, I usually walk around the whole thing once, to get a feel for what is there and what I simply can not live without, then I walk around a second time, methodically  purchasing and photographing the food that I couldn’t pass up. Below is a collection of food that I either ate completely and selfishly, shared with my friends, or was so stuffed by the time I saw it, I could only photograph it in order to remember to get it next time.
{As always, share these folks with your friends, hit them up at the next market and support their great efforts to supply the bay area with incredible food.}

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underground market-daytime edition

The SF Underground Market is quickly becoming one of my favorite things about this city. I look forward to it all month long and am happy to share with you some of the stand out performers from the daytime vendors.

[Check out the first ever EAST BAY underground market in Oakland in the parking lot at 24th and Broadway, this Saturday August 7th! The market will be open from 5-11pm. Come hungry! Check out for tickets and more info.] 

The daytime market is quite a bit different from the night version. The overall feel of the place is a lot more like a craft fair than a hopping speakeasy, but for me, that was a bit refreshing. It was nice to get right in the door without an hour wait (although I’d probably wait 2 hours to get in, if I had to). There weren’t many times where I had to fight my way in to see what someone was selling, but there were a lot more people than I was expecting, which makes me happy. I love that this underground market is growing faster than we can dream, and that as more people learn of it’s existence, the more eclectic the offerings become. I can’t imagine what we will see come out of all of this. Way to go Iso. The city thanks you.   

{Enjoy the eye candy below and please check out the stuff that looks yummy and lovely to you. All of the vendors at this market are trying to make a way for themselves through the rough woods of the food industry, weaving all of their passion and skill into their product. Support them by buying their wonderfully home-crafted stuff, and by passing it along to your friends.}   

stout mustard

Nanny's Stout Mustard made with her brother home brewed imperial stout. It's delicious. {}

Zukra: A delicious gluten free bakery! They deliver! {}

Bake Sale

Fruit Crisps in a jar. Such an adorable idea, and yummy too! {}

Bake Sale

Another one of Bake Sale's amazing crisps. Mmmm.


A tender french macaron (not to be confused with macaroon) from Christopher David. {}


Produce bags from Ambatalia. Lovely!


An absolutely ADORABLE apron made with a Ben Davis shirt by Ambatalia. I.WANT.ONE. {}

Salsa Delfina

Super good salsa from Salsa Delfina. It's his Great Grandmother's recipe. Has to be legit. {}

Salsa Delfina

Passing on Great Grandma's salsa to the world.

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san francisco underground market

Last night I had a wonderful adventure. About once a month, forage sf hosts an underground market. Not unlike a speak easy back in the prohibition days, this market produces a venue for culinary aficionados of all kinds to come out and sell their unlicensed stuff without the hassle of The Man. It’s an incredible opportunity for people who are home cooks, bakers, preservers, or sarsaparilla makers to come out and see if they have what it takes to keep this city’s cravings at bay without having to fork over a ton of cash for licensing, commercial kitchen use and the like. After the turn out last night I don’t think there is any doubt that San Francisco was definitely satisfied, and then some. The line for the venue was a couple hundred deep most of the night and we waited in line for over an hour just to walk in, but oh was it worth it.

Take a look at this visual tour of what turned out to be my favorite food and who turned out to be my favorite people of the night. Check out their websites, facebook pages, or email them when you’re in need of a good biscuit or a super cute pie stand to make your event stand out from the rest.

If you’re interested in attending the next underground market, visit the forage sf website and sign up to be a member (it’s free!). That will get you in the door (along with two bucks) and will keep you up to date with the when and where on future markets.


Isn't that the most adorable set up you've ever seen?


This is the back of her pie stand! Genius!


Jaynelle of Pietisserie!


For some delicious pies contact!

biscuit boy

Poppy seed biscuits from biscuit boy.

biscuit boy

Van, of biscuit boy.

biscuit boy

These biscuits were amazing! Contact Van at to try your own!

Maggie May Bacon Sweets

Bacon and Jack Daniel's caramel corn. Oh my. I'm sure there is crack in this stuff!

Maggie May Bacon Sweets

It's your lucky day! You can order this stuff from Maggie's etsy page! {}

pecan sticky buns

Pecan sticky buns from Lulu's! They look like little gems!


The Lulu's menu. I wish I had a way to get these to you! When I hear from her, I'll update you with the info!

saucy dumplings

Delicious steamed pork dumplings from Saucy Dumplings! Mmmmm.

saucy dumplings

Michael, the dumpling maker. He sure looked like he was having a good time! Contact saucy dumplings at {} They cater!

The Pizza Hacker

The start of a margherita pizza by The Pizza Hacker.

The Pizza Hacker

Jeff, The Pizza Hacker turned a Weber BBQ into a pizza oven. It's completely ingenious and completely amazing. Contact Jeff at {}. Check out his schedule and get a pie of your own at {}


Soft, delicious Challah.


Perfect tarts. Jessica the baker was very sweet and helpful when I asked how she gets her dough to come out so perfect. You can contact her at You can also check out her blog at:!


Sarsaparilla! It was delicious, homemade and reminded me of my childhood!

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