Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to see a good portion of the world, however, my country of origin, not so much. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen a whole lot of the country I call home. Sure, I’ve been to Las Vegas and all over California, but beyond that, I’ve got pretty much nothin’. It’s a sad fact, and one I hope to challenge soon, (ideally in a cute little travel trailer painted a pale shade of mint) but until then, I’m making my way slowly around the west coast, hitting the highlights straight away.

A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves in Seattle for just a little over 24 hours. We did our best to hit the highlights, making sure to dive right into the ones recommended by trusted friends. Naturally, we started out the morning with doughnuts and coffee. Top Pot was conveniently located right around the corner from our hotel and came highly recommended. The space was cozy, the staff was as friendly as you can get and the doughnuts, well let’s just say we at all three.

After breakfast, we met up with a couple of friends and moseyed around until we found the bottom of the space needle. It’s an interesting part of the Seattle skyline and continuously reminds me of the Jeston’s.

For lunch, we hiked over a hill to a sweet little restaurant inside Melrose Market. This little market is like a mini Ferry Building tucked away down an alley. I fell in love instantly.

Sitka and Spruce is nestled into the back of the market, which allows them a glorious row of huge windows. Every part of the operation is exposed, almost like you’re in someone’s home kitchen. It’s amazing and completely unique.

I was expecting the food to be over the top wonderful, and it was. There was not one dish we didn’t like, each one having an array of interesting flavors all tied together with the freshest ingredients available.

Being in Seattle, there was no way we could miss their magnificent public market. It was far more enormous than we had envisioned and just as magical. Besides all the stalls you can walk through, there are shops along the adjacent side of the street, some of which include the original Starbucks and one of the highlights of our trip, a russian bakery called Piroshky, Piroshky. Although I don’t have any images of those pastries to share with you here, you just have to trust me, do not miss it if you’re visiting Seattle. I’m telling you, so so good. [I did manage a few images of the baked goodness on instagram and you can find them by following @odetogoodness]

Seattle felt a whole lot like San Francisco to me which was somewhat comforting. I knew how to dress for the weather and I could guarantee we could find great food and delicious coffee. I’m hoping we get to visit again soon because I know we missed a lot in our whirlwind trip.

We did end up making one more stop before we turned in for the night, which ended up being a bit of a surprise. For dinner, we had our stomachs set on chowder from Pike Place Chowder, but we arrived about two minutes too late. Instead of crying a little, we decided to get pie. Some friends had told me about this place close to our hotel called Serious Pie. I figured since I couldn’t have the clam chowder we wanted so badly, we could drown our sorrows in a giant piece of sweet, crispy goodness. So, we calculated directions and made our way there. As I was looking up reviews for this place on our way over, I realized, it’s a PIZZA pie place, not a sweet pie place! Although I was a little saddened there was no actual pie in our future, this place seemed pretty legit. We looked over the menu, spotted a clam pizza and immediately knew that would make right all the wrongs of the clam chowder debacle and will most definitely taste good while doing it too. As friends had said, this place was incredibly delicious. I really hold pizza to a high standard and this pie was no joke. [for photographic proof you can find a near devoured photo of this pizza in my instagram feed @odetogoodness]

The next morning we drove west to Vaughn and on to the Davidson Homestead for a family reunion with Jon’s family. I can’t wait to share those images with you. The place was amazing and it was such a great time getting to know so many people I had heard about or only knew virtually. I’ll post my favorites here next week.

I hope that if you get a chance, you’ll spend some time in this lovely city. It was a comfortable place and one I hope to re-visit very soon. Maybe next time I’ll finally get that bowl of clam chowder and finish it off with some real pie.


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