east bay underground market

Some incredibly flavorful pork from A Humble Plate. Love the food and the name. {ahumbleplate@gmail.com}

Saturday was the first ever East Bay Underground Market. The scene was fantastic. It was held food festival style in a large parking lot on the corner of 24th and Broadway in downtown Oakland, and was filled to the brim with incredible vendors. Since the venue was an open parking lot, there was no wait to get in (super bonus) which was amazing because the place was incredibly packed. There were over 40 vendors, all ranging from sweets to burgers to giant pans of paella. There was so much to take in, it could have been quite overwhelming. Thankfully, I have a system, which seems to work quite well.  My strategy is simple, I usually walk around the whole thing once, to get a feel for what is there and what I simply can not live without, then I walk around a second time, methodically  purchasing and photographing the food that I couldn’t pass up. Below is a collection of food that I either ate completely and selfishly, shared with my friends, or was so stuffed by the time I saw it, I could only photograph it in order to remember to get it next time.
{As always, share these folks with your friends, hit them up at the next market and support their great efforts to supply the bay area with incredible food.}


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