your thanksgiving butternut squash soup

butternut squash soup

People have certain rules about what should be on the Thanksgiving table. I, for one, am pretty loosey goosey about the whole thing. This is not surprising to anyone who knows me well because ‘loosey goosey’ pretty much sums up my approach to the culinary world. I like to adjust as I go, add a pinch of something if it feels right and go with what I have on hand. When I sat down to plan what I would bring to the three dinners we will be attending, I knew I wanted to stray a little from tradition but still stay within the lines of the season. Dressing, green bean casserole and pie all made the cut and will maintain their traditional integrity, but I still felt like we could shake things up just a little tiny bit, but don’t worry, I didn’t nix the mashed potatoes.

I understand that no one really needs to have an appetizer right before they consume a weeks worth of food, and most people think the idea is absurd, but sometimes you want dinner to be a little fancy and I don’t know any better time to be fancy than on Thanksgiving. Break out the cloth napkins, the candlesticks and the good china, even make seating cards if you’d like and enjoy the one meal a year where you can pull out all the stops.

Thankfully, this starter won’t take up much of your time (which I know is utterly precious on the big day), and most of the ingredients are likely in your kitchen anyway, so no large additions to the shopping list either. Make the soup and remove the seeds from the pomegranate the day before and throw them in the fridge. Take a few leaves off of the brussels sprouts you’re probably already making and all thats left to do is just throw it all together. We ate it at room temperature and it was delightful, but you can warm it up in a pot if you can stand one more minute at the stove. (more…)


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lentil soup with lemon + grief

This has been about the hardest week of my life. I’ve endured my fair share of suffering along the way, but nothing like this.  A little life was taken from us, along with all the hope of one day holding it in our arms, close to our hearts. Only knowing about this growing life for a little more than a month, we were barely beginning to dream of what joy might be coming into our lives in just under a year. Over the course of a few weeks, we were excited to tell our families and closest friends. We wanted to bring those closest to us along on this journey. We realized it was still a little early to spread the word, but knew that if the unimaginable happened, we would want these people near us to help us through. Now, on the other side, we are so happy to have our loved ones around to do just that.

As we grieve the loss of life, we don’t lose hope, we trust even more in the One who creates life. We cling to the promise of restoration and to the fulfillment of joy that only comes from God. We are so thankful to those who have prayed for us, offered us a shoulder to cry on and have encouraged us to keep going. We love you all.

This soup is the first meal I’ve made in almost two weeks. To me, it signifies the beginning of restoration and the fading away of grief. It’s comforting and refreshing all at the same time and perfect for sharing with those closest to you. If you have someone in your life who is grieving, throw together a pot of this soup, sit with them, and allow them to feel the warmth of your love. (more…)

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